What is Holistic Eye Care?

How you see—how you use your eyes—is a function of your lifestyle. Your vision is
affected by your daily activities, diet, and general physical and emotional health.

Also, the eye is a muscle. If you use it well, it is likely to remain strong.

When you come in for an appointment, I will ask about how you use your eyes, how
many hours you spend in front your computer screen, and so on.

Sometimes, depending on what you need and want and what’s comfortable for you, I
may “undercorrect” slightly for nearsightedness to minimize dependency on eyeglasses
over time.

I have a second degree in vision training and vision therapy, and we can discuss vision
exercises too if that interests you.

Holistic eye care means treating vision in the context of the whole person. In reality, we
see with our entire being, not just with our eyes.